Artist Statement

Most of my work has been centered around the theme of natural beauty and has been shaped by my personal experiences with the natural world. Nature has always been a source of positivity and escape, and therefore it has imprinted on me happy memories and moments that I seek to recreate as a way to immortalize and look back upon them. Flowers are a subject that has always been an obsession of mine. They are delicate, detailed and diverse things of beauty. I have devoted much of my recent paintings towards the study of flowers and this subject is quickly becoming my favorite to work with. I have also been delving into works that incorporate foreign places I have traveled to. While I am painting places that are more urban than my usual work, I am drawn to the history and liveliness that these places evoke. 

Artist Bio

I have spent the majority of my life surrounded by the natural beauty that abounds in Montana. The landscape has shaped my experiences and personality in a profound way. As a young child, I grew up in the house my family built truly in the middle of nowhere. I spend most of my days frolicking around the woods with no shoes on, picking wildflowers, hunting for snakes and frogs, and swimming in the river. As a child it was my playground, and I was unafraid of its wild nature. I sought to be part of it and to understand it better. I would scour through books on botany and became obsessed with flowers and trees. As I have grown into a woman, I have continued to use nature as an escape from the monotony and stressors of everyday life. I am happiest when immersed in the landscape.


Painting is my second passion and source of happiness. I have been creating art for as long as I’ve been exploring the woods and fascinating over flowers. What could be better than combining my two loves? When I find places and moments that fill me with joy, I paint them. It keeps that place and that moment alive and becomes something I can look back upon with the same joy time and time again. I have expanded my work to incorporate images from places I have seen in my travels. Some are set in cityscapes, which diverges from my draw to natural scenes, but also has a place of interest for me. The world is so diverse and beautiful, whether that beauty comes from nature or architecture. I have a lot of world to see, but every visit to a new place leaves me with amazement. 


Sure, In my life I have experienced pain and darkness, but that is not something I hope to express in my art. If anything, art has drawn me out of those depths and filled my life with meaning. The process of creating art is meditative and healing, similar to the healing powers of an escape to the outdoors. What I seek the outcome of my art to be is simply an expression of joy! I paint what brings me joy and I hope that my audience can sense that and walk away from a piece feeling a little more joyful.